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In third term each year we ask all students in Years 7 to 11 to undertake the important task of selecting their courses for the following year. It is a time when students need to work closely with their parents/caregivers and teachers to gather accurate, relevant information on which to base decisions about subjects and future directions.

As a parent you can assist by:

  • Reading the Curriculum Guide carefully and encouraging your child to do the same, this can be found by following the links below.
  • Exploring the Web Preferences online portal for further information about subject choices.
  • Working through the practice choice sheet prior to entering information on the Web Preferences Online Portal.
  • Talk with your child about:
    • Their interests, particularly regarding subjects
    • Their future career and study aspirations
    • Their progress in subjects they are doing this year
    • The subjects on offer for next year
    • Your ideas about their subject choices
  • Assisting your child to see subject selection as an important process that requires careful consideration
  • Encouraging your child to ask questions and seek advice
  • 51ing school staff to discuss any issues where you need more information
  • Accessing the below links for more information on subjects and courses

Subjects can be selected from our Web Preferences Online Portal.

Students follow the link which will be provided to them via their school email.

Curriculum Guides

Download File Size File Type
NHS Curriculum Guide 2024- Years 7 to 10 NHS Curriculum Guide 2024 - Years 7 to 10 6,474kb Adobe PDF
NHS Curriculum Guide 2024 - Senior School NHS Curriculum Guide 2024 - Senior School 5,717kb Adobe PDF